Fresh Eyes

Hello again. Our little Lu is here, short for Lumen.

We’re emerging from the moon-eyed, sleep-deprived newborn haze. I liken the delivery and first days of recovery to being abducted by aliens, then released back into the world. Everything is big and shiny. Heightened—as if I’m seeing it for the first time. I heard from a friend that young babies see the world as “Venice at noon on a sunny day”. It seems this experience is contagious.

We’re lucky. Both Ken and I have a significant amount of time off through a combination of “the freelance life” and parental leave (yay Canada!). And so, we’ve been re-discovering our neighborhood through the eyes of a little person; enjoying the white-noise of the water fountain in the park, marvelling at every colourful mural and appreciating living next door to a school and down the street from a world-class market.

Next stop: the passport office!

Max Tanenbaum Courtyard underpassbrickworksalleycribpoolbckgyrd1yawn
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