Petite Planète

“We see the world escape us at the same time as we become more aware of our links with it.” —C. M. 

Petite Planète is a series of iconic travel guides by the French publishing house Edition du Seuil. In the 50s essayist and director Chris Marker was hired as the editor (and often  photographer, designer and writer) of the series, establishing an unorthodox approach to travel literature, both editorially and visually. Read more…


Rock Garden: Netherlands, Bosnia & Portugal

These rocks are from my father’s collection, which we have both been adding to over the years. I am a little ashamed to admit that I am responsible for the theft of two of these beautiful city cobblestones. But I did pay a small penance by having to haul them around town all day and then in my luggage home. 

1. Cobblestone. S’Hertoghenbosch, Netherlands (2005)
From the streets of the quiet and eerie namesake of the infamous Dutch artist (Bosch).

2. Marble Cobblestone. Lisbon, Portugal (2001).
From the city where cobblestones are elaborate works of art portraying everything from mythological creatures to op-art, and sometimes even company logos.

3. Cobblestone. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina (2011)
These ancient paving stones are a common poetic symbol of this scarred but thriving city.

See also, Volcanic Rock Garden, Marble Rock Garden.


Trip Notes: Big Island’s Kohala Coast

The Cessna flight from Kahului (Maui) to Kona (Big Island) was the least fussy I’ve ever been on. In fact, on this miniature 9-seater plane, the pilot’s dashboard was within spitting distance. I loved that each of us was weighed with our luggage in order to calibrate the amount of jet fuel required and that the staff were chatty and oh so relaxed. For the 30mins we were in the air, I could not peel my face away from the window, ‘is this view for realz?’ pretty much sums up my amazement.  Read more…


Rock Garden: Italy, Spain & Serbia

These rocks are from my father’s collection, which we have both been adding to over the years.  Read more…


What to Wear: Toronto Thaw

Just when it seems that winter will never loosen its grip spring starts peeking through the cracks. It’s still cold but it’s hopeful, so I keep the boots and woolies on but start quietly celebrating with pattern and lighter fabrics.



Trip Notes: The Return to Hawaii

I never really wrote about our trip to Hawaii in 2012. Since we are still in the grip of winter here, I need to remind myself that summer exists somewhere. So here goes part one of our trip to The Big Island, Hawaii’s wildest. Read more…


Rock Garden: Hawaii, Iceland & Greece

These rocks are from my father’s collection, which we have both been adding to over the years. They’ve been sitting on a shelf a little forlorn so I thought I’d give some groupings a shot and shed  light on these pretty specimens. This is the first one. Read more…


Guest Post: Love Jerusalem

In a dusty corner of my drafts folder I found this sweet Love Your City guest post by Anabelle. I can’t believe it’s been hiding in there all this time…

3 things you love about Jerusalem
1. The feeling of Shabbat on Friday evening and Saturday morning
2. The call to prayer
3. The Old vs. New dichotomy—a light rail passing by the ancient walls of the old city, for example.

3 things that drive you crazy about Jerusalem
1. People not knowing how to use the light rail
2. Getting yelled at by strangers—for a variety of things
3. Everything is made of Jerusalem stone—this gets especially tricky when it rains and people are slipping and sliding

A stereotype that’s true
It’s really religious

A stereotype that’s sooooo wrong
There’s nothing fun here

The best thing about your neighbourhood
Nachlaot: Old ottoman train track converted into a boardwalk (similar to the highline in NYC)

Describe the view out your window
Olive trees, blue skies, cats, and a corner store run by Chaim, an old Moroccan man who calls me sweetie

Something you can’t live without daily, what/where?
The all female gym, and the gorgeous walk from my apartment to work

Book/movie/poem/song that captures the spirit of Jerusalem for you.
There’s a wonderful book of short stories about Jerusalem, I forget who the author is, but its probably the best piece about Jerusalem I’ve ever read. Also Jerusalem: A Cookbook that came out earlier this year is a wonderful way to explore Jerusalem gastronomically.

If you were the boss of the tourism board of Jerusalem what would the city slogan be?
“Jerusalem: not just your rabbi’s city”

And if you didn’t live here, where would you live?
San Francisco, in a heart beat. Both cities have a strong sense of community.

Anabelle Harari is a Jerusalem-based food blogger and writer