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The Pause

It’s been quiet around here lately. This is because we’ve been staying close to home, waiting for our first baby to arrive. She won’t be with us until early August, so we’ve been settling into our new home (travel books top shelf, kid books bottom left) and thinking about where we could go once we’re ready, next generation in tow.

I’m going to continue documenting our trips—now from a kid-friendly angle—digging through our family travel archives and compiling travel and art inspiration. Following my parents easy-going example I hope we can just strap on bébé and let life unfold as it may…

Send advice (or diapers) in the meanwhile and keep in touch as we get ready for this next adventure!

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UnaThe Pause


  1. Gbc

    Congratulations! Look forward to the new adventure, along with bonus priority boarding privileges! ;-)

  2. Jessica Vitale

    I have so many baby-on-a-plane tips (once you’re ready)!! Ps. Cute overload in this picture

  3. Carol Robbins

    This is probably really bad but I have room in my prenatal class on Saturdays :) I am Nutritious Movement certified. You can email me if you want more info – no pressure!

    1. Author

      Definitely good to know Carol. We’re signed up for one already but will hit you up if we end up wanting more baby prep…

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