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Danish fairy stories

“Perhaps Danish happiness is not really happiness at all, but something much more valuable and durable: contentedness, being satisfied with your lot, low-level needs being met, higher expectations being kept in check.”Michael Booth, from his book “Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia”

Denmark, the land of Andersen fairy tales, world-class design and bicycle culture tops every happiness and livability poll lately. It has been beckoning us for ages. Next week, we’re off to see for ourselves if all the tall tales are true—and report back! We’ll be celebrating a Canadian friend’s wedding to a beautiful Dane, eating every open-faced sandwich in sight, crisscrossing Zealand and dipping into Sweden as much as we can (across the infamous Bridge).

If you have tips, thoughts, directions send them our way and follow along @unagotlost.

Illustration by Danish Art Nouveau artist Kay Rasmus Nielsen.

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UnaDanish fairy stories


    1. Author

      Affordable Danish design—sign me up!! Thanks Bruce. Enjoy Greece, what part are you visiting?

      1. g bruce chapman

        Going to Chalkida (north of Athens), then off to Belgarde to visit Baba. ;-) Been to Greece four times now. Meteora was magnificent last year.

        1. Author

          Ah, sounds wonderful. We’re planning to be in Serbia and then Greece in the fall. I haven’t made it to Meteora yet, maybe this year!

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