Grey County

As I get older, I crave and appreciate nature more. Same goes for gloomy, grey days.

My friend Carrie and I recently had a conversation about how rainy days can feel liberating—quiet and under the radar—while sunshine can bring a certain sort of pressure to make the most of the day.

So when Carrie and her boyfriend invited us to their family farm on a fall weekend that looked positively dreary, the conditions couldn’t be more perfect.

The days were ours, and filled with hearty meals, rain boots, long walks and the right company.

If you find yourself craving the same, head to Grey County (south of Georgian Bay). You can ride horses at the numerous farms, go apple picking, hike the escarpment or visit the area’s many sleepy villages. Rain or shine.

farm-b farm-cfarm-l farm-d farm-e farm-f farm-g farm-h farm-ifarm-m farm-j farm-kAdditional photography by Carrie Ng & Stephen Lindell

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