Island Living

I have always been incredibly fascinated by island living. While from a distance it seems incredibly romantic, I know it can also be a tough and isolated existence, but none-the-less one that preserves the most unique landscapes and cultures.

This fall, I’ll be bringing you a Q & A series called “Island Living” with some fantastic islanders (or ex-islanders) from remote corners of the world. Get ready for the Rapa Nui, Saaremaa, Palau and more…

If you know someone who lives on a remote island and might want to share a bit about their life, leave a comment. This series is hard to research, as you might imagine, so I appreciate any leads.

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UnaIsland Living


  1. mbstrawn

    Hi Una! I lived in a remote coastal area (a peninsula, but only reachable by boat) in Panamá for 2 years. My husband is from there and we visit often, though we have left temporarily to work and study in a town nearby. Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to include our indigenous village in your series. :)

    1. Author

      Hello! Thanks for getting in touch, that sounds great. I’ll definitely be in contact via email & would love to have you participate

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