Camping Round-up


It’s getting chilly around these parts, but I’m not ready to give up on the outdoors just yet. It’s the perfect time to sip whiskey around the fire, watch the crazy-beautiful tree colours change and snuggle up to someone.

Here’s some stuff that would help:

  1. Bug-off Soap by SalmonBerry Origins. There are still some determined guys buzzing around. It’s a good time to try out this all-natural repellant. $5.50
  2. Spacious Tent by Field Candy. Ahhh, this tent is dreamy, yes, but it’s also got some heavy-duty engineering built in. $734
  3. Light My Fire Meal Kit by REI. Simple, compact & eco-friendly. $15
  4. The Camera Cooler from Poler. A super smart, camera bag that doubles as cooler when you’re done taking pictures. $65
  5. iPhone gloves by GrannySocks. These handmade woolies are useful in the city but also perfect for dexterous camping tasks like tent-building. $31.50
  6. Salut Flask by Izola. I have one of these beauties that I’m ready to break out at the next campfire party. $24
  7. Campfire Cuisine by Robin Donovan. Foodie’s delight made for the wilderness. $16
  8. Napsack by Poler. When I first saw these I laughed, but then I thought, genius. Sleeping bag & cozy dress/sack you can walk around in. Want! $130
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UnaCamping Round-up

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