One of the best things about Chicago, besides the awe inspiring towers, is definitely the food. Here’s a quick recap of what we filled our bellies with.

Incidentally, of the places on our list 4 are owned by the same people, marked with ** —they’ve got Chicago’s coolest spots covered from brunch to cocktails to fancy eats (I maintain there is a food mafia!).

Acme Hotel (Magnificent Mile)
Actually if you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable night’s sleep Acme is a good bet and it’s hard to beat the buffet breakfast. Try: Waffles, pastries and fresh juice.

Publican** (West Loop)
If you wanna find hipsters on a Sunday morning, they’ll be tucked into the reclaimed wood booths at Publican in Chicago’s meat packing district. Try: Red wine poached eggs with prosciutto.

Kuma’s Corner (Avondale)
It’s a bit of a treck to this infamous burger place, but the good thing is that by the time you get there you’ll be starving. I could barely get my hands around these delicious monsters appropriately named after metal bands. Try: The Iron Maiden for avocado goodness or The Slayer topped with ‘anger’!!!

Avec** (West Loop)
Avec is the little sister to award-winning Blackbird, next door. And you can’t go wrong with either. So if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed but with the same level of quality and attention to detail go for Avec Wine Bar. Try: The sharing plates of Chorizo-stuffed medjool dates, Squid ink pasta and Roasted king salmon.

The Violet Hour** (Wicker Park)
This speakeasy style bar is hidden (no sign) yet on everyone’s radar and it’s well worth a visit. The cocktails are made to perfection, the vibe is relaxed and just to keep things interesting cellphones are a taboo. It’s a grown-up good time. Try: The Thorn & Rose or the frothy Let’s Wavy if you like tequila.

Big Star** (Wicker Park)
Conveniently across the way from The Velvet Hour is Big Star, catering to the after-hours crowd. Dine in or take out on the benches outside. Try: A sipping bourbon from the Four Roses Distillery and the fish tacos (pescado).

Black Dog Gelato (East Village)
Artisanal gelato made and served by the sweetest Chicago ladies. Best enjoyed at sunset. Aw. Try: The traditional nut and chocolate variations or if you need a kick in the pants there’s Whiskey Gelato.

If by judging by this post it seems that all we did in 4 days in Chicago is eat, it’s probably the truth.

Ok, some culture here as well.

ps. We didn’t make it to this place, but everywhere we went served & sold Intelligentsia Coffee. Bring home a freshly-roasted bag.

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