Toronto Lovin’

It’s really high time I celebrated my own city on the blog. And now I have the perfect occasion.

I don’t talk much about my work here—I’m a magazine Art Director—but over the last couple of months the work life and travel loving have been intersecting.

I’m lucky enough to have a job that is creative and that I love, but what made it extra great was working on Toronto Life magazine’s special issue on Neighbourhoods (with an amazing team of editors, photographers & other smart people). A sort of travel guide to the city made for its inhabitants. It’s packed with photos, maps and info on the best places to eat, drink and hang out, including some of my personal faves (hello: Keriwa Cafe, St. Lawrence market, Cherry Bomb…). It would actually make a pretty sweet tourist handbook too.

If you’re in Toronto you can buy it on any news stand, and if not you can probably get it through the TL website. Or leave a comment and I might be able to score you a copy.

We’re also having a launch party for the issue on June 9th at The Shops at Summerhill (across from the big LCBO) from 10-4 — so come out, say hi & celebrate this damn exciting city!


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UnaToronto Lovin’


  1. Carol

    I’ll definitely pick up a copy of this issue. As a fellow Torontonian I love to walk, walk, walk all the neighbourhoods. I will always opt for streetcars over subway just so I can look out the window. I think we live in a wonderful city. I was born here and lived here all my 52 years and counting!

    1. Author

      Thank you Carol!
      I’m all about walkability too, ever looked up your walk score?
      According to this site I live in “Walker’s Paradise” (at Front/Jarvis)…

  2. Lisa

    Hi Una, the issue looks awesome! My first and only time I was in Toronto it was too rushed to actually enjoy the local gems and such. But I also walked around the city without using any sort of maps which was actually so fun!I think getting lost is one of the best part of exploring new places. Next time I’m there I’ll be sure to check out some of your suggestions.

    1. Author

      Thanks Lisa!
      I’d be happy to recommend some places next time you’re in Toronto. It’s a city of scattered neighbourhoods and hidden hot spots, great for wandering…

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