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Top 5 reasons why I love travelling with Ken

1. Ken will take the BEST trip photos and video which we live off of until our next adventure.

2. Ken is more than happy to drive. And I am more than happy to stare out the window, paint my nails, navigate, take pictures and attempt to do anything but.

3. Ken reminds me to relax. I get a little excited and try to cram way too many things into a day, but Ken is just as happy kicking back and getting to know one place intimately before we move on. His approach often results in us renting an apartment as a home base, which really makes us feel like locals and helps us discover things off the beaten tourist path.

4. Ken spots the details. This one is also photo related. It often isn’t until I get home that I begin to appreciate the details he stopped to notice. A particularly hypnotic line in the sand, the way the light hits the rim of a glass or the patina of a crumbling wall.

5. Ken is happy at home. I get a bit of a fever if we haven’t been away in a while and I’d be happy to pick up at any moment. Ken helps me to appreciate all that we have in our lives here and on occasion we play a game, trying to see our city with the fresh eyes of tourists, in order to love it more.

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UnaTop 5 reasons why I love travelling with Ken


  1. Author

    Thanks Sarah!
    I was just checking out the addition of the world map on your blog, works really well. I’m going to have to follow suit. Did you have to get a google api or were you just able to embed it with a link?

    **For anyone in Toronto, check out Sarah’s awesome compendium of delicious ethnic foods from the most unassuming hole-in-the wall places around the city.

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