greek souvenirs

Greek olives & controversial coffee

  1. Handcrafted gold and silver jewelry with semi precious stones
  2. Anything made of leather, some classic sandals are particularly nice
  3. Of course, some local oil made from Kalamata olives
  4. Greek coffee* and a traditional pot to prepare it in
  5. And all-natural olive oil soap

* I say Greek coffee, but I know it as Turkish coffee because that’s what we call it in Serbia. The name can get you in trouble depending on your geographical and political location.

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UnaGreek olives & controversial coffee


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  2. Slavko

    Una you forgot the bottle of Ouzo!!! And of course some kitch souvenir representing some greek monument/divinity/history, a must-have

    1. Author

      haha, you’re right Slavko. I almost included those pornographic playing cards depicting the ancient greeks. those were in every souvenir shop.

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