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Letters from home

When I was little we lived in an unmarked building on a tucked away street. Fed up one day, my father hand-lettered the street name and number in bright yellow paint next to the entrance. Visitors would never be lost again. The home-made sign is still there.

The other day I came across a collection of street signs documented by designer Michael Lassiter on his trip to Serbia and the cyrillic letters made me nostalgic. I could instantly smell the cool, damp hallway of our building.

It’s good timing because we’re leaving for Belgrade in a couple of days. Trips home are complicated; excitement and nerves in equal measure. You’ll probably hear from me on the road, as I’ll be writing about Belgrade for an online publication and flooding instagram with photos from part 2 of our trip, sailing in Greece.

Until then, enjoy a little nostalgia with me.

belgrade signage





“Little Woods”


“Kolašinska (street)”




“Titan kitchen technology”




“Help the local economy”

Last image by anonymous.

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