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Panamanian crafts & chocolate

(clockwise from top left)

  1. Fresh Coconut Oil hand-made on the island of Bastimentos. Ideal for cooking. $4.75, from Bocas Town supermarket.
  2. Fabric pictures called “Molas” made by Guna native artists. This reverse appliqué technique takes about a month to complete. $30, from Bocas Town indigenous vendors.
  3. A woven mask crafted and naturally dyed entirely from local plants by the indigenous tribes from the Darién jungles. $60, Bocas Town craft shop.
  4. Contemporary jewelry made by local and visiting artists who make the laid-back Bocas del Toro islands their home. $5-25, Bocas Town street vendors.
  5. Raw, organic cocoa in every form: bars, beans & powder, from the Örebä farming co-op run by a Ngöbe native community. $3-6, directly from the farm or in Super Gourmet in Bocas Town.
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UnaPanamanian crafts & chocolate

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