koracica, serbia

Aleks’ Art Board: Koracica, Serbia

Thinking of our loved ones who were affected by the severe flooding in the Balkans not so long ago. Illustration by Aleksandar Janicijevic.

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UnaAleks’ Art Board: Koracica, Serbia


  1. gbc

    We’re off to Serbia next week to see firsthand the terrible harm, both natural and human caused by the flooding.

    We’ll also check to see that the humanitarian items we collected en masse, were sent to the people in need, and didn’t end up in the markets for resale.

    Look for products (baby formula, diapers, personal care products, etc) with a huge “H” written in thick black sharpie, all over the packages.

    1. Author

      Hi GBC, I am so happy to hear you were able to contribute and especially that there is a way to track whether the aid is really ending up where it is needed most. I’d love to hear how the trip went when you are back.

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