Musical Cities, Seattle & Calgary

I spent a whirlwind 4 days on a work trip getting a behind the scenes tour of the incredible EMP Museum in Seattle and seeing the collection of the exhibition project I’m working on at Calgary’s National Music Centre. Sonic inspiration abounded!!

And if, like me, you find yourself with only a few hours of leisure in these two cities, here are some worthy spots to spend it in.

Seattle: Drinking coffee at Bedlam // Eating oysters and market catch near Pike Place at Cutter’s or Steelhead // Having beers in the old mortuary, the Pine Box.

Calgary: Having some over the top meat treats at The Palomino which is also a cool spot for live music // Eating your fill of the infamous Tubby Dogs surrounded by old-timey arcades // Enjoying a post card view of Calgary complete with mountain back drop on top of McHugh Bluff.

seattle, jesus statue

Welcome to Seattle

seattle, Minoru Yamasaki, Pacific Science Center's arches

Minoru Yamasaki’s Pacific Science Center arches

Frank Gehry's EMP building

Frank Gehry’s EMP building

Frank Gehry's EMP building

All crinkled aluminum and steel ribs

Frank Gehry's EMP building

The EMP structure equally loved & hated by Seattle residents reflects mesmerizing shades at sundown

Frank Gehry's EMP building

Gehry purchased several electric guitars, sliced them into pieces, and used them as building blocks for the building’s model design

Northwest Folklife music festival, seattle

By happenstance we stumbled upon Northwest Folklife music festival, curiously also reflecting EMP’s fuscia shades

airplane wheel, seattle, alaskan air

Four flights in four days

Calgary's National Music Centre instrument collection

Calgary’s National Music Centre instrument collection

Calgary's National Music Centre instrument collection

The dawn of electro was complicated

Calgary's National Music Centre instrument collection

More knobs than you could twist in a lifetime

NMC building Calgary, under construction

The new NMC building ‘before’ shot


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UnaMusical Cities, Seattle & Calgary


  1. pkgoc

    Ovo je super, fotografije su prelepe za mene naručito:Calgary’s National Music Centre instrument collection.

    1. Author

      Cao Dule! Sigurna sam da bi ti se mnogo dopala kolekcija, orgulje velike kao nas stan; Elton Johnov klavir; cak imaju i kombi-recording studio od Rolling Stonsa. Oni sada grade novi muzej u Kalgariju tako da sledeci put kad nam dodjes, idemo.

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