art print by raina kirn of a beach scene

Can I brighten your day?

A few days ago, among the usual suspects in my mailbox was a sturdy black envelope. I opened it to find some dreamy photo prints from a generous (and seriously talented) friend, Raina Kirn. She had put out a call to people who were looking to spread some goodness around, just ’cause. She would send them a gift and in turn, they would pay it forward.

So if you like surprises, the first 5 people to leave a comment below will receive a little package from me at some point in the near future. I’ll get in touch to get your mailing address. It might be something I made or an object collected on a trip. It will definitely be something intended to brighten your day.

Leave a comment, then make sure you pay it forward down the road.

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UnaCan I brighten your day?


  1. G Bruce Chapman

    Though we live in the days of electronic mail, I still look forward to surprises in my tangible, urban mailbox. My 5 yr old son loves to push his tiny arm all they way into the Canada Post box, to fish out the last flyer/postcard or long awaited magazine with his name on it! ;-)

  2. David

    I was talking to a student last night about “paying it forward”. I love this!
    And what a gorgeous print you received. Keep inspiring! x

  3. Sara

    There’s still something so magical about receiving something in the mail. I once was part of an art project that would send strangers love letters, which was loads of fun.

  4. Anna

    I agree with the above comment – there is something special in receiving something i the mail. Especially letters, I remember when I was a kid, I used to exchange letters with my best friend at that time. We are no longer in touch, but these letters, they’re our written history. They make me laugh and cry.

  5. Una

    Thank you all for being as excited about the prospect of real mail as I am. I’ll contact each of you really soon…

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