Encyclopedia of Early Earth

I spent some quality time with a graphic novel this weekend, not a medium I often gravitate to. Isabel Greenberg is a young and hugely talented British illustrator/writer and her novel ‘The Encyclopedia of Early Earth’ caught my wandering eye.

Her book is not actually an encyclopedia, but it is epic, weaving through history and vast landscapes populated by necromancers, talking bird men, babies and vikings… Part creation myth, part love story. See for yourself.



earlyearth7 earlyearth6earlyearth9 earlyearth8earlyearth10

Isabel also makes some sweet ink drawings on plates, which is a medium my dad and I have been experimenting with in our shop Whistle + Work. There is something about painting on an object that feels like you’re awakening a soul trapped in there. Turns out this cookie jar was really a bearded romantic.

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UnaEncyclopedia of Early Earth

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