Tokyo Waterfront

We had a very vague plan of attack when it came to exploring the vast waterfront. The only thing that was a must, was the visit to Tsukiji fish marketthe biggest seafood market in the world. And since our jet lag was going strong, getting there at the crack of dawn was no problem. (Side note: we didn’t see the 3am tuna auction, that was too ambitious for us.) The market looks practically like an airplane hangar, packed with about 1000 stalls selling every underwater marvel you can imagine, and on the periphery forklifts, trucks, bikes and pedestrians criss cross in impossible ways. Navigating through the swarm of machinery seemed death-defying for gawking visitors like us.

From here the sights, changed in succession like on an old ViewMaster toy: *click* We’re riding in a glass-cabin ferris wheel, the 100m Daikanrasha *click* We’re testing cars at the Toyota museum *click* We’re in a bewildering photo booth that flashes before we can figure out the Japanese instructions *click* We’re running around a warehouse-sized (and empty!) arcade, ice cream in hand *clickWe’re standing at the foot of a gargantuan Gundam statue in DiverCity.

And what to do when your mind is buzzing and eyes are as big as saucers? Take a palette cleansing boat ride back to the city on the Sumida river.

BONUS: Watch a video of me at the arcade! Flashing lights, candy machines and animal heads, oh my!

NEXT UP: Samurai Festival in Nikko

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UnaTokyo Waterfront


  1. GBC

    Ha! The photo booth photos fooled me at first – I thought they were a collection of actual Japanese posters advertising ice cream! You have a second career ahead of you as an Asian spokesmodel or maybe Japanese-Pop-Princess! ;-)

    1. Author

      Hahaha, thanks!
      After I posted them a friend also alerted me to this hilarious pudding commercial where everyone basically makes those faces while eating pudding! If they need a new spokesmodel, I am totally available!

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