Got room for one of these in your backpack?

There is an awesome way to put a bit of extra space in your luggage to use on your next trip. If you haven’t heard of these worthy organizations (thanks for the tip BootsnAll!) check them out:

Pack for a Purpose or Stuff your Rucksack / They will give you a list of specific items that are much needed in developing nations, like school supplies, medicine or toys, and you can deliver them to a community, knowing that your time and effort are having a direct impact.

If you’ve participated in an initiative like this drop me a line, I’d love to add a personal account to this post.

And as a side note, talk about packing efficiently: An ex-coworker of mine, Claire Ward, is doing her journalism masters documentary on a really cool topic—ColaLife an organization that takes advantages of Coca Cola’s distribution routes to reach remote communities with supplies. They’ve developed modestly-sized medical kits that can be stuffed into the empty spaces coke bottle leave in their crates, and thus can be distributed anywhere Coke goes. Follow her journey here.

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UnaGot room for one of these in your backpack?


  1. Rebecca Rothney

    As the Founder of Pack for a Purpose I would like to very much thank you for spreading the word! If you would like to be in touch please contact me at I would like to ask some questions of other groups we might want to connect with.

    With appreciation,
    Rebecca Rothney

    1. Author

      Thanks very much Rebecca. What a great idea, I’m more than happy to share it with my readers.
      I’d also welcome a guest post on the topic, from a more personal point of view, if there is someone you know that would like to share it.
      My best,

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