Luggage Built to Last

Inspired by my fave weekend travel bag I’ve compiled some stylish vintage pieces from Etsy, all under $65, all small enough to carry-on. My ultimate score was a leather adidas tennis bag from the St. Lawrence Antique market, across the street from our place. 20 bucks!

1. PrincetonSalvage $40
2. JaanasVintage $34
3. nowvintage $38
4. mydrawingnumberone $62
5. RogueRetro $25
6. hootandeye $38
7. NestEggVintage $28

PLUS: Two extra luxe purses
8. alchemievintage $89
9. TheNestReno $75

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UnaLuggage Built to Last


  1. Tessa

    Thanks for featuring our Hartmann Carry-on bag on your blog! I enjoyed perusing your posts and will definitely check in on you often!

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