Travel Gift Guide, Summer

As I prepare for an August adventure, I’ve compiled a new list of Etsy travel treasures.

1. Harlex – Hong Kong
Quality leather camera strap. Much more stylish than that “look at me, I’m a tourist with an expensive piece of equipment” Nikon-labeled one our camera came with. It can be personalized with name or initials, and comes in a rust colour or handy wrist-strap. $35-58

2. RaleighVintage – Raleigh, North Carolina
This vintage 50s straw fedora may have been worn by a dapper gentleman but you can rock it like the young girl form“The Lover”, with pigtails and a loose gauzy dress. It’s the ultimate summer hat. $48

3. Studiokmo – Charlotte, North Carolina
Karen O’Leary’s delicate prints are a steal at around $35. Tight knit, hand drawn pen lines are reproduced on heavy-weight paper giving you an impressionistic view of your favourite city. It’s fun compare the modern Toronto grid to the fluid organic lines of an old-world metropolis like Rome. Variety of cities to choose from & sizes available.

4. thezakka – Kirkland, Washington
The perfect, soft sunglasses case in denim and Japanese tengui cotton. Also doubles as a cute mini-clutch. Comes in a variety of fabrics and designs. $26

5. DiazBags – Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
What a satchel! I love its masculine, school-boy charms. There is a whole range of ways to wear it: as a backpack, sidebag or briefcase. Fits a 15″ MacBook and a whole lot more. $230

6. Prairie Peasant – Winnipeg, Manitoba
If you plan on keeping a travel journal I think this might be the one. Expertly bound to allow the book to lie perfectly flat when open (yes!) these beauties are crafted from reclaimed bookboard and vintage atlases. Looking for a map of a your choice? Just ask. 160 pages, about 5″x6″. $25

If you missed it, here is the spring showcase of Travel Stuff

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UnaTravel Gift Guide, Summer


  1. Laura

    This is a very fun blog about travel! I read your feature on Quebec City as I’m heading over there this summer! Thanks for the feature here!

  2. Carlos

    Wow Una! What a cool blog! Thank you so much for featuring my satchel! Enjoy your travels, I hope you come to Guatemala someday, let me know!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Carlos! I hope so too. Will give you a shout for recommendations. All the best.

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