netherlands souvenirs

Wooden flowers & Dutch chocolate

  1. Edible souvenirs are my favourite kind. Why not your initial as a traditional Chocoladeletter.
  2. The fresh flower markets of Amsterdam overwhelm with colour and scent, but how to bring that feeling home? Painted wooden tulips.
  3. This wall decal (and eco reminder) from the innovative Kek Amsterdam.
  4. Tiles from Delft: Tack is mixed with an incredible tradition and also some steep prices, but you can’t go wrong with number tiles. Or perhaps simple drawings of animals.
  5. Architecture in the Netherlands from Taschen. A picture book for adults.a
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UnaWooden flowers & Dutch chocolate


  1. Elan Adler

    Do you know how or where I can purchase the wooden tulips…I have some already and would like a few more.


    1. Author

      Wow, that’s practically a field of wooden tulips! It would be beautiful…

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