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The Bootstrap Project

I recently learned about this inventive organization. Their mission is to connect artisans practicing dying or age-old crafts with an international market and development partners. The sales profits go directly to the artists and their communities and support education and cultural preservation.

Meet weaver Soliha Sharopova
“The suzani is the centerpiece of Tajik culture. A mother passes down
her dreams for her daughter through the suzani that they sew together.”



Meet woodcarver Sodiqjon Amonov
“Sodiqjan works with great focus and a sense of urgency. He is not only Tajikistan’s most
celebrated “kandakors,” or woodcarver, he is also the country’s most respected teacher of the craft.”

Meet seamstress Robiya Qayumova
“Robiya has built her business from having to rent one sewing machine to owning five.
Her daughters are now fifth-generation seamstresses—who pride themselves on producing
the highest-quality kurpachas and pillows used in grand weddings in Tajikistan”

The people featured here are from Tajikistan, but Bootstrap is helping artisans in other places too. To learn more and follow their stories visit the Bootstrap blog and read about founder Maxine Kaye.

(Photographs courtesy of Bootstrap)

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