Say ‘yes’ to Yakutsk!

Maybe it’s because it’s freezing in Toronto and I’m trying to find a place that could possibly be even colder. Or maybe it’s because I know very little about North-east Russia and every new discovery makes me feel like an explorer. Whatever the reason, I am obsessed with a Siberian region called Yakutya and it’s capital, the coldest inhabitable city in the world—Yakutsk. It’s the land known for its incredible natural resources, like diamonds and a rich native culture. Lots of info here.

(photo credits: Bolot Bootur)

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UnaSay ‘yes’ to Yakutsk!


  1. bolot

    Hello from the Siberian city of Yakutsk! This photo is great, indeed. I am trying to take street pictures like this, but they are different… from my local point of view :))

    By the way, if you are interested, here is the info I digged today. 120 years ago, Feb. 5, 1891, the temp in Yakutsk was -64C. Tomorrow we’re promised to have -38C only :)

    Have a great day! Thanks for saying “Yes” to Yakutsk!

  2. Author

    Zdrastvuyte Bolot! Thanks for the message and for maintaining such an informative site on the region. If you don’t mind I’ve linked to it here. Hope to see it in person one day soon!
    By the way, the windchill is -27C in Toronto tonight, it’s like training for the Siberian winters…

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