serbian souvenirs

Byzantine treasures & Serbian inside jokes

If you don’t want to break any international laws and bring back delicious cheese products from Serbia (yep, I’m talking ‘kajmak’ here), then here’s a list of more customs-friendly souvenirs:

  1. A sterling silver copy of an old Byzantine ring, Ethnographic Museum shop.
  2. “Licidersko Srce”, a traditional heart souvenir, usually given to your sweetheart.
  3. “Lexicon of Yu Mythology” book, but since it hasn’t yet been translated to English you may need “Teach Yourself Serbian” first.
  4. Well-designed and hilarious items from Beogradski Izlog (Belgrade Window) shop. Ask me if you want to know the inside jokes behind these particular items.
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UnaByzantine treasures & Serbian inside jokes

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